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Re: Confused about payment options!
« on: February 10, 2012, 04:16:22 pm »
If you had 10 Ad Free Credits, there will be no advertisements for 10 clicks on any page of your website. So if your forum had 10 ad free credits and I go to it, 1 off that credit. Counts for guests as well, not just members.
I believe there is a grace period going on right now for newly registered forums. I forgot how long it lasts though.
Every free forum has a total of 10mb of free space set aside for avatars and attachments. The Downloads Pro package does not give you unlimited space and even says it:
Notes hosted downloads limited to max size of 5mb
You can easily get around that limitation however if you're uploading files bigger than 5mb by using a program such as HJSplit to split files into smaller pieces and individually upload them.
This service is relatively new(in my opinion) so if you took the Unlimited plan, it will be $19.95 every month until the owner decides to put it back to $39.
I'm surprised that I didn't see any price tag for removing footer info and hosting featured listing, however if you click the buy now button, PayPal will display a sidebar showing you what you're buying and what much it costs. To remove the Footer Information, that will be $30 and to get your forum featured, that will be $10.

I apologize that this all seems a bit confusing but that's why there's a support forum here :P
All codes I make are tested on the latest version of Google Chrome and upon request of other browsers.


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