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Re: Ultimate upgrade
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2017, 01:37:29 am »
Fixed ezportal.
And you should be able to search for your forum now in the directory. The issue was you had the private board upgrade at one time and that made your forum hidden.

Also added a section under Admin -> Forum Settings which you can use to edit your forum's directory listing information.
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Re: Ultimate upgrade
« Reply #16 on: May 06, 2017, 08:47:27 am »

Hello Support, AND~ May it be another *good one*... FOR *U* and You....TOO.

                                           [size=78%]            [/size[/size]

  **  GOD like Curiosity   *AND*   just who the Hell be *U* ~ To want, expect...... AND....... Not to mention,  >   DEMAND..... anything  > LESS !  **
SO 1st ~ please would *u* ~ *FACE* The Following Formula  *E* = { *u* + Me } TOO ~ Equalling *JUST*...... a subset of *E* { Currently ~ Beggaring  *me* }

AND~ Focus....... upon the following;~
.                                                    ~NONE OF WHAT FOLLOWS....... " DO I DO, FOR EITHER *u* OR You.  I really, really *really*......... dislike > The Presumptions it.

THAT~ *IS* ~ the *purpose* ~ of SUPPORT.........
*AND* ~ I DO~ Fully intent to wring *every drop* of *vital* support *FROM~ Both ' it '- HERE*

.                                                                                             *** AND ***   

FROM *ALL OF YOU*..... *obviously*.........@odds to *with my reason*........For saying *** " I'm Doing *it* ... FOR YOU ".

.                              " Wanting~ D'MOON~ is NO LONGER *just a 'nonsense' *.............. *** JUST A QUESTION OF 'FIRE' POWER ***

~ TO THAT END ~ Farther (mine) said *ALWAYS* Head for D*SEAT......*OF POWER*
 { Of course, Being then, really young AND~'very bendable' He did get me to double over and *check*....... to see if i *could* tell the difference between seat and D*SEAT.
Made me do it a 2nd time too, BUT~ with fingers actively exploring *my seat*..... before straightening out and........ THEN ... using my nose.

*JUST*~So he said, for me to know the difference between D*SEAT~clean *AND* " The difficulties I would be *facing*~ with D*CHAIR : Currently...

                           TO THAT END~ I have no wish to have any of what i post here .... within my Forum. I DO HOWEVER~ INTEND TO~ have a Support BUTTON (upon HOME page).

BUT~ I WANT THAT BUTTON TO LINK DIRECTLY TO........ The *this* thread and *this*~ site.         Could *u* enable that..... please.

The rest is a summary of *MY EXPERIENCE*:  [2017]               *** WITH~ A real *kicker* @its... end. ***

1st Question (subvocalised)     " How to get *fickle seats* to climb *into and comfortably sit*.................. IN D*SEAT.
ANSWER ~ " Climb into *it* yourself AND~ Get very, very **Curios**...... about just how comfortable *every D*SEAT*.....Should be "

CONSEQUENTLY~ THE NET *and* Forums. SO ! Went alooking.
FOUND * *    *AND* ~ Both went alooking *AND* sent private email, requesting view on me making a video.... just about *IT*.
ANSWERED~ (HAVE PROOF)....... No Objection.

SO~ like *i see many have done- here*....... signed up for a free version~ TOO.
AND~ Went alooking *again* ........
FOUND~ A very *Curios* (& to be quite frank... disappointing) Lack..... of persistence.
{ INSISTENCE~ upon some *hero*... doing it ALL FOR *U*..... ALL OVER THE SUPPORT~SITE..... HOWEVER. }

*** AND PLEASE *** ~ I *HATE* HEROS. { D*very word itself {currently} embodies.... D*Persistence........ OF~ VICTIMS !. }

SO~ Signed up (as the top of this thread...... shows) FOR..... D*Ultimate PLAN.  { Aiming to get *u* ..... TO DO SO>>> TOO ! }

THE FOLLOWING~  D*PLAN,            (as offered by

Ultimate Plan Details:........................ Currently ~and under promise, to keep it so~...... for @least~ a year...... $20 per month. (2017)

Unlimited Ad Free Credits!
Ad Seller Pro - Advertising selling system for your forum
250mb of space
Upload your own custom smiles addon
Newsletter - Mass Email/PM
Store - eCommerce System for your forum
Classifieds - Classifieds system for your forum.
Also: Chat Room Addon, Downloads Pro Addon, Footer Branding removed

{ AND NOT~ what *i believe* I or you... be paying for.
AND~ THAT BE NOT.... what *i believe* either I or you are ...... or will be paying.... FOR.

***** THAT BE !... * This Forum *.        ALL OF THE ABOVE..... *is* already there, AND waiting to be activated by *u*. *****

NO ! KNOW THAT.... I believe I'm paying FOR..... The *active* attention *of* support TO~ THIS.... SITE. {{{  SUPPORT @ CREATEAFORUM.COM  }}}

NOW~ Any of you following this AS I'm Doing.... will have noticed..... that      *JUST*  ONE PERSON *HERE* @SUPPORT, in the main..... *is* Currently..... FACT.

UNDERSTANDABLE~ Given that *in the main* he should be doing little more than... Activation Buttons and OPTIONS.

THE QUESTION~ Of just how much further he should go...... is one I've been pondering,   * WHILST in *look* Mode *

****** AND D*Cruel...... Short AND Curly..... answer is > *LOOKING @ YOU*... ' Right here ' ! *******  Follow me ?

AND~ Better *HERE*... this way... THAN Pestering *me* on my forum AND or *Hogging~D*Time..... of Man, intented to be pushing... an continious line of activation requests.

AND SO TO~ D* KICKER~ in 2 parts.
SUPPORT~ POOF OF CONCURENCE = EQUALS = *will* , as I'm sure you have realised,  BE~ THIS TOPIC *made* AND THEN~ put to ~ Stickies ( STYX ) Spot.

PART TWO,  * Pre-cursor * To next posting...... Downloads probably 1st

((( IN Anticipation of any of *u*  having an highly * Inappropriate * seat )))

THE FOLLOWING ATTACHMENT IS AN IMAGE OF ~ An actual Place, AND To Boot, one that is on the Tourist boards *itinerary*.... IN ENGLAND.

{ It ALSO HAS, *very close to *it*... an ABBY... that DOES allow for a 1-2 night rest there, as well. Better Google 1st as they have a limited numbers of beds set aside for that purpose. }

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Re: Ultimate upgrade
« Reply #17 on: May 06, 2017, 03:39:44 pm »
Very hard for me to understand your post there is way too many special characters please explain more clearly.
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Re: Ultimate upgrade
« Reply #18 on: May 06, 2017, 05:45:37 pm »

Hello Support,
                    YES~ I have experienced THAT PROBLEM before ( too many symbols AND It's resulting..... confusion, * and I suspect, reason many.... don't go past 'GO' and either post or suggest any sort *co-constuctive*.... discourse.

SO ~ Consider this 1st : Both you and I face the same problem, namely BE UNDERSTOOD.... on a forum, *u* with this one here and *me* on the one I've signed up for...... with you.

NOW~ i essence > Those ( * * ) symbols I apply are mainly to help me {and any others, *feeling*... the same problem, for the same reasons}

It *is* one that all you who know a limited amount of English face. Namely.... THE SLIPPERY ENGLISH SPEAKERS who use ' you ' for both~ You (a group) and you the individual person. Normally not a problem in face to face situations, as most will be able to make out just which... is meant.

BUT~ In the written form, I've sadly found, that upon asking them just which part of their writing ..... i should consider to be a personal communication.
MOST~ *quick as flash*....... say " No, no.... i didn't mean you personally BUT~ the you... in general. { Slippery *uckers } as I've said.

SO ~ in order to help me, those stars *u* and you see... is aimed @ making my communication.... MORE~ POINTED *AND* Accurate.
 WHEN I use them around words or a group of words ... SUCH as *feeling* above, it is intended / hoped that *u*, you and your EYE would consider that       that word or group of words...... DO HAVE a *special* meaning.
IN THAT *feeling* (above) for instance, MOST~ I've found would have put {and any others *thinking*...of the same problem, for the same reasons}

NOW~ In your case, you should never *here* (* *~short hand, in this instance for here... in/ on this forum) since by the very nature of your position and job... *u* are addressing *you-The group* every time.

THE OTHER *more important reason*... WAS to get *u* to post.... just as you have... in response.

***AND could see NO OTHER *pointed-way*... to Make / highlight... just that issue. TOO many symbols , not just the few i use, BUT~also those more colourfully applied to post AND often found... within other posts on forums i've visited.

There *are* other reasons, BUT~ all of them revolve around just one word *Co-Constructive*. BUT~NOT... An Option for you, BUT~ your Job.

A vital, *a very vital* JOB, and how and why *u* and this `forum ' *is* OH SO... important.

AND~ Well worth getting the Ultimate Upgrade for.......... IF INDEED,    My reasoning..... be both correct AND true, to communications .... intent.

As for the rest, and you LOOKING:

1} an opportunity to *remind* everybody.... that *u*... just be one AND (in the main) mostly alone.

2} An attempt to *pressure* both *u* and you (them) into: 
a] Purchasing an upgrade.
b] *pressure* *u* and the THE OWNERS, to put a Clickable link to ... THIS FORUM *and* this page on THE FORUM. BUT~ ON MY CONTROL BAR.

    THE~ HOME, Forum, search , Moderator..... Control bar, in other words, 
    A~ Support option, in other words, but not linking to anything on my forum.... BUT~ directly to Createaforum/support, AND this post... specifically.

does that help clear things up for *u*~Support.

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Re: Ultimate upgrade
« Reply #19 on: May 07, 2017, 11:10:20 am »

Wholly *Satchel*…. Dot MOM.

                                               have I got that right by the way. Had thought to put those (* *) around both Wholly and Satchel , BUT, Trying to think along the same lines, (intent, beyond obvious words) I realise that your intent …. is / was….. to get *me* and you (collective)… to pick *up*…on it.
So, changed the placement to *satchel* alone, since I think…….. *U*…want any looking…… To Heft it (the post) and try it on for *Weight*.

“ Stick it in your Pipe AND smoke it ! “  Sort of thing, being another more colourful way of putting it.

AND, in your defence…… I MUST SAY !
I’ve yet to find *anywhere*… anyone who attempts to KICK *me* personnally ~IN THE BALLS, (   D*SEAT… If I’m reading *u* right. )

One would think that you be a Female , and possibly expecting, to use that as an excuse. BUT~ I’ve taken a look @x.its.tongue.MOM …. and see that that is most definitively NOT THE CASE.

SO< with One, in mind *ME*…….. and    *u* too…….. I’ve decided (finally) to register *HERE* and with you on your Forum, although, since I’ve yet to decide on MY~ names ~ face, D*Face,,,, I think *u* would call it, Please “ let me sit *here*….. for awhile.

BUT~ Consider *ME* invested, *here*           **** AND****  on your Forum.

OH` just thought of one, Don’t know how *u*  AND all the rest of you, feel about acronyms BUT~ I’ve thought of the *PERFECT* one > FOR NOW AND THIS FORUM.

{{{{     A.F.U.S.Perfect.MOM   }}}
 The .MOM because……. i’m with you on the *absolute* need for THIS FORUM, rather than yours OR mine (when got) having to deal with others wanting to clog it up with help me to make / design a forum…. for them.

SORT *THAT-ISSUE* out *HERE*…. Perfect sense.

Good on *U*.

AND SUPPORT, Please DO AS HE SAID~ “ Give him, or a * Forum Support * Button, ON HIS forum, I will be want one too, and for the same reason ( when, signing up, of course)

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Re: Ultimate upgrade
« Reply #20 on: May 08, 2017, 08:45:51 am »

 *Wholly* TONGUE. Dot MOM, 

 How the hell did you get *into* my head.... so fast ? ( was expecting~ " Just who *uck do you think you are " For 1st post. )

AS FOR~ Your placement of ( * * )... Perfect reasoning, Although *i* would have placed them as *i* have above. *Wholly*~D*point, BUT~ with 'sound'  pointing to *HOLY*.
D'Only group of T*inkers, with *blind~Faith* in a Co-Constuctive ( ? ) Id-ology. (Which includes *@Base* The Concept of ONE~ D*CHAIR 'and' ONE~ Personal ~ D*SEAT)

BUT~ ALL Of that sort of stuff... *IS*~intended to be *LOOK'D@*......Within.... My Forum. { ALL of you Others... Please take note }

As for acronyms , personally I dislike them, although given the limited space available within *sign up* options, i can see a good reason for using them, *ALTHOUGH TOO*.... i would expect any who do to go on and do so, to...... elucidate .... further.

AS FOR YOURS~{ A.F.U.S.Perfect.MOM }~ if i'm deducing *it* correctly, understandably would cause hesitancy in me too. BUT~ after having had a day to put *it* into *my*... T*inking Box... Does open a very useful opportunity to *count*.... the effectiveness of.... THIS ENDEAVOUR.

Namely~ any *new* user T*inking of signing up, adding a .MOM to the end of their sign in name *will* make it easier for both, *u*, *i* AND THIS FORUM to *SEE* both intent and effectiveness.
Bearing *in mind-of course*..... that *my* aim... is to get them to sign up for an *Ultimate Plan*.

THAT SAID~ * I DO * see that some will have problems with the cost (just as I have) and still want a Forum for themselves.



*** ANYONE *** taking a *LOOK* @Your Free Forum offerings will be able to see just how many of them *have* proved to be duds. { and disheartening indeed..... was my experience }

SO~ 1st order of *any day* with *u*..... *IS*.........


PUT~ A Click by click post on how to:

~ Apply... a *Full page image* behind all the buttons.... ON THE HOME PAGE. EzPortal, *of course*... an option open to any that sign up for A Forum.


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