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[GUIDE] Admin CP: Boards
« on: August 05, 2010, 07:02:49 pm »
Board Section in Admin Panel

Create New Category Page

On this page you can create a new Category on your forum. Just like when you modify an existing Category you need to supply a name for the category, choose a placement for the whole Category using the order listbox.

Settings Page

The Settings page of the Boards section of the Administration Panel allows you to set some basic settings involving the boards. The following settings are present on this page:

Membergroups allowed to manage boards and categories - Check the boxes for whatever groups you would like to have the ability to manage the boards and categories. Meaning they can edit, create and delete boards and categories.

Count child's posts in parent's totals - Checking this option will mean that posts and topics in a board's Child Board will count toward its totals on the Board index.

Enable recycling of deleted topics - Checking this will make it so your forum "recycles" deleted topics and posts. This means while the necessarily stats will be updated when the post is deleted, as well as the post no longer being visible where it was before, posts that are deleted can be viewed for reference in the board you specify on the option directly below this one.

Board for recycled topics - Select a Board you wish to store deleted posts in. By choosing the blank option, posts will not be recycled.

Modify Boards Page

In the modify boards section you will see a list of all the categories and boards inside your forum. Underneath each of your categories is a list of the boards inside that category. Beside each of your boards you will see move and modify links, and an additional permissions link if you have enabled advanced by-board permissions (via Administration Center > Permissions > Settings).

Moving your Board or Category

To move your category click the modify link beside it and select the appropriate options from the order drop down menu. Select the modify button from the bottom of the page to save your changes.
To move your board via the move link, simply select the arrow that corresponds with the position you wish to place your board. To make it a child board, simply select the double bar image underneath the board you wish for it to be a child of.
To move your board via the modify link, simply select the appropriate category and order options from the drop down menus. Select the modify button from the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Pretty URLs

Pretty URLs allow you to customize the URL endings to boards. To modify, click the "Pretty Urls" link near "Modify Board" from here you can see all URL endings that will redirect to this board. To add one, put the ending you want in the box and click on the Add button. You can delete any urls there by clicking the Delete link that appears next to their listing.

Modifying your Board or Category
By clicking Modify next to a category name you will be directed to a page where you can modify the following options.

Order – Sets the order of your category among other categories.
Full Name – The name of the category.

By clicking Modify next to a boards name you will be directed to a page where you can modify the following options.

Category – Selects the category your board belongs under.
Full Name – Sets the name or title of your board.
Description – Creates a short description about the board which is displayed underneath its name on the board index.
Allowed Groups – Selects the groups which can see and access the board. This option supports both post based, and non post based membergroups.
Permission Profile - Select which permission profile you want to apply to the board. Permissions Guide
Moderators – Assigns Moderators to your board, who use the permissions from the moderator group while using the board.
Redirect to a web address - Checking will remove the next 3 options. A box will appear allowing you to enter a website that you want the board to redirect to when clicked.
Count Posts – Allows posts and topics from this board to increase the members post count.
Board ThemeN/A
Override Member’s ThemeN/A


Permissions by boards allows you to create profiles you can apply to one or multiple boards which will determine what certain user groups can do on different boards.

Creating a new profile
Go to Admin>CP>Members>Permissions. Click the "Edit Profiles" tab. At the bottom, there is the option to create a new profile. In the text area, make up a name for the permissions profile. Now, from the dropdown box, select a template. (To view what the permissions are under certain groups, click their names in the area above, then click "view" for each member group to see what they can or cannot do under that profile.) Click the Create button.

Now go to the area above where you create a new profile and click the profile you just made. Now, you can go through each membergroup and change their permissions by clicking "Modify". Save each as you go along. You are now finished, and can select this permissions profile for any board.

Post Moderation Options
If you have Post Moderation enabled under "Core Features" permissions by board is expanded.

Click on the Post Moderation tab under permissions. From the dropdown box under the tab bar, select the profile you want to edit. You will see 4 columns (and 3 sub-columns) entitled; New Topics, Own Replies, Any Replies and Attachments, and you will see a row for each member group you have.

The sub columns are as follows:
- Can create.
- Can create but requires approval.
- Cannot create.

For each of these three options, there will be a bubble in each row, under each column. For any of them, if you select the "Can create but requires approval." option, the post will require approval from a moderator before appearing.

For each member group (row), select which option you want for every column.

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