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Re: Code Question
« on: September 18, 2011, 11:13:31 am »
Hello everybody,

I have got two questions I really need an answer on.

1 - Is there a possibility to add an Icon next to 'Your forum - Index' ?? If so, how ?

2 - I want to have this image :

And next to the Hourglasses I want a changeable Number. Is there a code for this ? Or how do I do so ?

Thanks in advance.

Im not exactly sure what you are asking for #1 -  exactly where do you mean?

#2 I dont know of a way to do that   

Also - where the Forum name normally is at the top left you have a redx - I checked your source code and can see you tried using bbcode in the logo image url box -  cannot do that.   To put an image there you need to put only the direct url to the image which would be:   No other code - ONLY the direct url will work.

Well I want to have changeable numbers between the hourglasses...
And I didn't get the thing from the url box, can you provide me more info on that ?

Why not just put hourglasses separately so you can put the numbers in between them
That could be an idea, but sorry for my unexperience : How to do so ??

Thanks in advance.

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