Author Topic: [Req] I may have missed this..  (Read 2544 times)

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Re: [Req] I may have missed this..
« on: August 14, 2010, 01:47:54 pm »
Well, is there a way I can set up a custom profile, so to speak; where I'm able to create a new rank like.. 'Donator' or maybe even 'Elite' well, you get the picture.. just so i can inline it? or should i just merge the images together with a slight gap?

You can add pictures to a Custom Profile Field by using an image code, yes. ;)

Admin > Features and Options > Custom Profile Fields. Make your Profile Field there. (make sure users can see it and only admins can edit)

Then go to someone's Forum Profile, find the field, and add this there to add the image:
Code: [Select]
You'll have to do this for each person you want to add the rank to.
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