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Author Topic: The Chron Riddles - Online Riddle Sequel to Zest Online Riddle  (Read 436 times)

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Welcome to the Chron Riddles! A riddle set made by Chronamut (me). For those of you familiar with zest riddle, crux, notpron, synchronicity, etc. It is a lot like those. Solving those first will make this riddle easier.

Also feel free to chat us up on our [Discord Page, now embedded in the forums themselves! - you can ask for hints there. I am pretty much there all the time.

Unlike zest however, this riddle is creative based, so those with logical minds must reject them in order to progress through this riddle.

The riddle acts like an enchanted forest maze - with paths that leads to other paths, hints that could apply to more than one page, paths that lead to nowhere, and multiple paths that join up together.

The forest guardians job is to prevent you from progressing and finding all the secrets, and to keep you lost.

There are also many secrets hidden in this game.. some paths lead to entirely hidden riddlesets all contained within themselves. Some examples are the negative levels, the bizarro levels, the letter levels etc.


Basically you load the level, you look at the page, listen to the music, read the text under the image, read the text in the tab by hovering over the tab, and then right click the page, view source, and look for anything unusual in the source. You will mostly be looking for comments in <! > tags that give extra hints, as well as things which may differ in consistency from level to level.

Once you think you know the answer put it in the address bar as whatever.html. If the word has a - at the end - like enter-.html it means the answer has to be appended to this word. Sometimes you will need to add directories, sometimes you will have to subtract. Sometimes you may even need to write things in reverse.


Allowed punctuation in your answer includes: (! _ - . ') - no spaces allowed - so you cannot write enter here.html - you would have to write enterhere.html or enter_here.html or enter-here.html. Capitals in your answer are irrelevant, the site doesn't differentiate between uppercase and lowercase.

The answers are all relatively simple so don't think too hard - just think.. smarter, and outside the box. Sometimes it really is as simple as it seems.

When you enter a wrong answer, and you will enter many many wrong answers, you will be presented with a custom 404 page. This means you entered the wrong answer. Occasionally however you will be met with what are called "red herrings" - the colour of which you see them is important, but you will have to figure out how. These can sometimes provide hints, or they might contain disinformation, and sometimes just random silly things. All things for you to consider.


Hidden through chron riddles are artifacts. At some point these artifacts will become useful at some point on every riddle page. Artifacts hidden in negative levels will be applicable only to positive levels, and vice versa - any artifacts found anywhere else will be able to be used on any part of the riddle.

you would use such an artifact if you were say on level 1, which is enter.html, and you put say enter-artifact1.html and it would bring up a secret page. So remember - the level, the word, appended to the level with a dash.

Some artifacts can be used in every single directory and only need to have their name entered, like artifact.html and it will bring you to a central page no matter what level you are on.


There are also secrets peppered throughout.. some which would make your riddling easier. There are currently 5 secret pages hidden in the game. Artifact pages are not included as secret pages, even if they are hidden.

The riddle currently has 11 positive levels, 3 negative levels, 2 bizarro levels, one bonus, 5 secret pages and 12 artifacts. Don't be fooled though! Many pages have sub levels - the amount of riddle pages in total to date is almost 200! Enjoy!

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ell - as well - it'd be much appreciated!support
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