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MountainCraft - Minecraft Server
« on: August 24, 2011, 09:01:25 pm »
Site -
Real Link -

Perfer .tk link.

Server IP -

None of that hacked crap.

Rules - Do not spam the site other than the Spam Section.

In Game Rules are being added to site.
Though they can be found inside the server(while playing)

Also list of rules right at spawn.

Adding more stuff to the site.
Chat Box
Staff Board

Are we 24/7?
We are trying to get the server much as up as possible.

Mt. Craft is a fast and legit server for everyone. Includes lots of open room to build and nice players to work with. We include lots of mods and plugins at you convenience for building your houses and or towns.

We also include a residence plugin which allows you res. your area and prevent people from destroying you homes and or towns. Along side with the residence plugin is the LWC plugin which auto locks you chests and prevents people from stealing from them.

We also include BigBrother which is a logging system for admins to be able to tell who destroyed, created, etc. a block and question them. Finally we also include McBans and we do Globally Ban people for hacking, griefing, stealing, etc.




The server:
Ubuntu 11.04 (to use less resources)
6 GB of RAM (allocating about 4.5 GB)
Comcast Connection
Ran inside terminal
Backups World files

I am an Admin - I take care of the people inside the game.  I take care of the site.  I take care of advertising.
We haven't advertised for a bit due to testing on plugins.

Do not ask for staff for you are selected by the ADMINS.

If you enjoy the server please invite your friends.

Grief will not be tolerated and will be given a Global Ban with MCBANS.
That also goes with fly/speedhacking.

Spam will not be tolerated.
Hacked client will not be tolerated.

Most of these will be a Global Ban.
We take pictures of everything.

So we have our proof.

Please enjoy the server.
We do not abuse our powers(Unless its admin fun time, we dont effect you guys but you might hear lightning going everywhere :D)


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