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« on: July 10, 2015, 05:55:45 am »
Hello! This is my website! Well, this website, as the name implies, is a Sonic The Hedgehog fansite (yes, I know it may sound a bit childish xD) And we try to give our members the best treatment! I'm an old-school Sonic fan (always been a fan) and thought the Sonic online community was way too harsh with people who are just casual fans and newbies to the community, so this was made in response to such behavior from another Sonic websites.

This site features many forums and a portal. Upon registering, you may be able to see more forums than the usually seen as a "guest" Check it by yourself!

This community still is in its early days, and we will be changing from minor to major details through this week such as the domain name. This forum is on an ongoing, let's say "construction" but let's not this stop you from joining our community!

When (hopefully) we get up to 10 members, we will be looking for moderators!

The team of our community is composed by the administrators and global moderators.



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